My Cyanotype Sun Print Wall Hanging is Featured in The Simple Things Magazine!

I'm so surprised and excited to have my work featured in The Simple Things, a lovely, thoughtful magazine and blog put out in the UK each month. They found me through my Etsy shop and asked to include one of my feather cyanotype sun print wall hangings in a story that they were doing about sun printing. Duh, of course I said yes! It's so fun to see my work alongside other artists who love this process too. One of the first pages has a "Could Do List" and it made me laugh immediately because it sounds like something I should start making because I hate being told what to do even by a to-do list! I love the tag line on the cover too, "Taking time to live well." Such a great moto to live by, right? You can read their blog at and subscribe to digital or print issues there too.  


Botanical Notecard Class: Printing with Plants!

I taught my first Botanical Notecards Class this week at Minnetonka Community Education and it was such a wonderful experience! Five of us sat around a table, playing with plants and inks, stamping on notecards and talking about being creative. I learned this process from two books, Hand Printing from Nature: Create Unique Prints for Fabric, Paper, and Other Surfaces Using Natural and Found Materials by Laura Donnelly Bethmann and Lotta Prints by Lotta Jansdotter, my new favorite artist/designer. It is a simple, beautiful process that can be used to make stationary, curtains, pillowcases, napkins, dish towels, many possibilities! I'll be teaching another one of these classes at Artistry in Bloomington, Minnesota, if you're in the Twin Cities and want to learn!


New Pen & Ink Drawings of Food

This week I was feeling overwhelmed and stuck while thinking about how to make a sustainable living as an artist. I have so many ideas, so many notes in different places and things I could be doing but I felt frozen. Making a living as an artist feels like a constant puzzle, which is often times really exciting and fun to try and plug away at each day, but there are moments, a lot of them, where it is just really hard. So, the other day, I was trying to think about what else I could make and share that I would enjoy and may bring in some income. I have been making hand drawn notebooks for a few months that have been really fun but I realized that I hadn't yet tried making original drawings on art paper and sharing those. A light bulb went off and I poured a glass of wine, put on some music, shut my studio door and cracked open some of my sketchbooks to see if anything sparked inspiration and voila! A new series of pen and ink drawings has been born. Each one is 4x6, because I want it to be really easy for people to frame them and I also really like working on a small scale. The paper is thick and slightly textured, which I love the feel of. All of them are black and white and the contrast is so satisfying to my eye, I can't get enough! These are the ones I have drawn so far of food. I think I'm going to continue with these and try to build a bigger collection, but we'll see where I end up going. For now, these have been a wonderfully therapeutic, calming part of a week full of so much political madness. If you're interested in any of them, they are available in my shop, Happy Friday, friends. 


Vintage Dress Hanging from Fire Escape, Manhattan, New York / Travel Photography Series

When I was living in New York, I wandered around a lot. There are endless things to notice and wonder about in that city. On this particular day, I got off the train at Union Square/14th Street to go to a photo store to buy film for a wedding I was photographing and as I was walking down a street, I looked up and saw this vintage dress hanging from a fire escape. The door behind it was open and the entire scene filled me with so much curiosity and joy. Who's dress was it? Why did they hang it there? Were they trying to catch peoples' attention as they walk by? If so, why is the door open? It was such a random, magical visual moment that made me smile so I made a photo of it with my iPhone before continuing on my way. I processed this in the Hipstamatic app and then made more adjustments in Photoshop. Prints of this and all of the images from the travel photography series that I'm sharing are available in my Etsy shop


Brooklyn Buildings / Waiting for the Train, 2014 / Travel Photography Series

"Brooklyn Buildings, New York, 2014." 

I lived in Brooklyn, New York for a year and a half from 2014-2015 after leaving a long term relationship and desperately needing a place to figure my shit out. I chose New York because my siblings and some friends lived there. It was an overwhelming, challenging, fun, wonderful, hard, expensive, exciting time living there. I loved taking pictures with my iPhone whenever I was traveling around the city because there was SO much to look at all of the time. I had no plan for a series or intention to go out and take pictures, I just did it when I noticed something visually exciting to me. The day I took this picture, I had just eaten brunch at my brother's restaurant with some friends and was waiting for the train to take me back to my weird, dark apartment that didn't feel like home at all. The train platform was above ground and as I was waiting, I turned around and saw these colorful building against the blue sky I don't think I ever took my professional cameras around the city when I lived there because I was feeling super burned out on photography for a lot of reasons but my phone was with me all of time and I loved the freedom I felt when I took pictures with it (even though the quality wasn't always amazing). There wasn't the same pressure I felt when I picked up my other cameras, there was a lightness, a feeling of play and exploration that I needed. I took this on an iPhone 4 and edited it in VSCO. 


Brooklyn Bridge at Night, 2010 / Travel Photography Series

I'm going to be sharing some of my travel photography from over the years here on my blog and on Instagram! I'll be sharing more about each image here including the technical details and the story behind the image. I'm kicking things off with some images I've made in New York over the last 10ish years. I've visited many times and lived there for a year and a half and each time I go, I am simultaneously inspired and exhausted by all of the layers of stories that exist there. I made this image of the Brooklyn Bridge when I was visiting my siblings in 2010. We had gone out for pizza and walked down by the water to look around afterwards. I loved how the lights on the bridge looked and the feeling of possibility that seeing the giant city from afar gave me. I wanted to try to visually create the feeling I was having in that moment rather than a technically perfect image of the bridge so I set my camera on manual focus and intentionally blurred it, changing my composition a few times until one resonated. The originals were in color but they didn't feel right that way so I played around with black and white versions in Photoshop until I landed on this one. Digital details: I created it with a Canon 5D digital camera and a Canon 50mm 1.2 lens.