Brooklyn Buildings / Waiting for the Train, 2014 / Travel Photography Series

"Brooklyn Buildings, New York, 2014." 

I lived in Brooklyn, New York for a year and a half from 2014-2015 after leaving a long term relationship and desperately needing a place to figure my shit out. I chose New York because my siblings and some friends lived there. It was an overwhelming, challenging, fun, wonderful, hard, expensive, exciting time living there. I loved taking pictures with my iPhone whenever I was traveling around the city because there was SO much to look at all of the time. I had no plan for a series or intention to go out and take pictures, I just did it when I noticed something visually exciting to me. The day I took this picture, I had just eaten brunch at my brother's restaurant with some friends and was waiting for the train to take me back to my weird, dark apartment that didn't feel like home at all. The train platform was above ground and as I was waiting, I turned around and saw these colorful building against the blue sky I don't think I ever took my professional cameras around the city when I lived there because I was feeling super burned out on photography for a lot of reasons but my phone was with me all of time and I loved the freedom I felt when I took pictures with it (even though the quality wasn't always amazing). There wasn't the same pressure I felt when I picked up my other cameras, there was a lightness, a feeling of play and exploration that I needed. I took this on an iPhone 4 and edited it in VSCO.