"Do you want to get together and talk about our feelings?" Greeting Card Now Available

I made a new greeting card for those of us who love (or hate) to get together and talk about our feelings but know it's worth doing. This could be a card for someone who has withdrawn from you because of challenging things in life and you want to reach out or it could be for a friend or a partner who you love to talk about feelings with while drinking coffee or wine. This card is available in my Etsy shop here


My Greeting Cards are Now Available at Lakewinds Co-op!

This year, I have been working hard get all of my ducks in a row to try to grow the wholesale side of my business. I took a fantastic online class called, "Sell Your Products to Retailers" on Creative Live taught by Megan Auman that taught me a lot about best practices. I made a list of the local places that I thought would be a good fit for the products that I make and started to reach out. One of the places at the top of my list was Lakewinds Co-op, where I shop a few times a week near my house. They loved my greeting cards and are now carrying some of them in their three stores around the Twin Cities! Yesterday, I went in to do some shopping and saw my cards on the rack and got so excited, what a cool feeling and wonderful momentum to keep reaching out to more places. You never know who might say yes! You can see my full line of greeting cards in my online shop