New Pen & Ink Drawings of Food

This week I was feeling overwhelmed and stuck while thinking about how to make a sustainable living as an artist. I have so many ideas, so many notes in different places and things I could be doing but I felt frozen. Making a living as an artist feels like a constant puzzle, which is often times really exciting and fun to try and plug away at each day, but there are moments, a lot of them, where it is just really hard. So, the other day, I was trying to think about what else I could make and share that I would enjoy and may bring in some income. I have been making hand drawn notebooks for a few months that have been really fun but I realized that I hadn't yet tried making original drawings on art paper and sharing those. A light bulb went off and I poured a glass of wine, put on some music, shut my studio door and cracked open some of my sketchbooks to see if anything sparked inspiration and voila! A new series of pen and ink drawings has been born. Each one is 4x6, because I want it to be really easy for people to frame them and I also really like working on a small scale. The paper is thick and slightly textured, which I love the feel of. All of them are black and white and the contrast is so satisfying to my eye, I can't get enough! These are the ones I have drawn so far of food. I think I'm going to continue with these and try to build a bigger collection, but we'll see where I end up going. For now, these have been a wonderfully therapeutic, calming part of a week full of so much political madness. If you're interested in any of them, they are available in my shop, Happy Friday, friends.