Vintage Dress Hanging from Fire Escape, Manhattan, New York / Travel Photography Series

When I was living in New York, I wandered around a lot. There are endless things to notice and wonder about in that city. On this particular day, I got off the train at Union Square/14th Street to go to a photo store to buy film for a wedding I was photographing and as I was walking down a street, I looked up and saw this vintage dress hanging from a fire escape. The door behind it was open and the entire scene filled me with so much curiosity and joy. Who's dress was it? Why did they hang it there? Were they trying to catch peoples' attention as they walk by? If so, why is the door open? It was such a random, magical visual moment that made me smile so I made a photo of it with my iPhone before continuing on my way. I processed this in the Hipstamatic app and then made more adjustments in Photoshop. Prints of this and all of the images from the travel photography series that I'm sharing are available in my Etsy shop


"Do you want to get together and talk about our feelings?" Greeting Card Now Available

I made a new greeting card for those of us who love (or hate) to get together and talk about our feelings but know it's worth doing. This could be a card for someone who has withdrawn from you because of challenging things in life and you want to reach out or it could be for a friend or a partner who you love to talk about feelings with while drinking coffee or wine. This card is available in my Etsy shop here