Emma Freeman Artist

I am an artist living and working in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Funny thing is, I stubbornly believed I wasn't an artist for a good portion of my life because I couldn't draw the perfect tree. Oh, the things we tell ourselves. Looking back though, I can see that I was always creative-coming up with little projects for my bedroom as a kid, getting that strike of inspiration to try something new, wearing funky clothes that nobody else did, trying to find ways to express who I was in little ways and stand out. But I was also depressed and anxious, obsessive, consumed by insecurities and self-hate for many years. I had this whole inner world that was layered with complicated feelings that I didn't know what to do with so it came out through art. 

Long story short, art has saved me. It has been the thing that has given me clarity, has given me a sense of purpose, space to feel, explore and be lost. I used to think that being an artist meant having some heady artist statement, making complex bodies of work that few could relate to or understand. But now I think that being an artist, for me anyway, isn't about that at all. It's about being a messy, complicated human and using tools and materials to shape those feelings and experiences into something. I have come to learn that I love simple things and tend to create when I feel anxious and uncertain. I love colors (and hate colors). I love little details in plants. I love seeing beautiful light. I love animals. I love walking and just looking around. I love being near water. I love taking naps. I love being weird and goofy with my people. I love seeing people happy. I love soul music. I love making beautiful things with my hands. So, that's how this business has come to be. It's a space for me to practice being more connected to the world in real, honest ways.

Some highlights from my artistic life that are helpful for some to know:

-I have a Bachelor of Science in Philosophy with a Minor in Studio Art from Alverno College in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

-I have run a photography business for the last 12 years which I just officially retired from. That chapter in my creative life was amazing and challenging in many ways. It took me on adventures around the world, it connected me with so many wonderful people and taught me a lot, about myself and others. I am taking those experiences forward into this next chapter of my creative life.