My Story

I am a multi-disciplinary artist living and working in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Everything I make is my ongoing practice of trusting my instincts and sharing myself more fully in the world. I create things that I want to have around my home, that I want to wear and that I want to send to my friends. Colorful, vibrant, playful, beautiful things. I try to keep it simple as a reminder to trust what I feel in a moment and make something from that place while trying not to over complicate it. I use lots of different mediums to express myself but currently I'm really enjoying cyanotypes (sun prints) that I make on fabric and paper, working with different fabrics and textiles to make jewelry and things to use at home like napkins and magnets, pen and ink drawings of plants, food and playful shapes and printing with plants onto paper and fabric. My studio is in my home that I share with my wife, Kelly and our crew of rescue pets. Besides being an artist, lately I love listening to lots of podcasts, dancing around by myself to 90's and soul music and pretending I'm in a lip sync battle, going to thrift stores and finding way too many cute things, drinking good coffee, doing yoga, going to farmers markets, reading books about art making or historical fiction about artists, or talking in weird voices to our pets.