Self-Portrait in India Ink

Self-Portrait in India Ink

Photo by  Emily Walen

Photo by Emily Walen



I'm Emma Freeman, an artist, designer, teacher and highly sensitive human.

When I was a kid, I thought I wasn’t an artist because I believed I couldn’t draw. That is a big motivation for why I teach now because I was encouraged to explore art by someone close to me which ended up cracking up my deepest, most true identity (no big deal).

I’ve always felt big, deep feelings but didn’t know what do with them or how to express them for most of my life. Art is now so healing for me, it helps me express and process my feelings and sort through things that are stuck inside of me. I struggled a lot when I was younger with depression, self-hate, OCD, and an eating disorder and art has been so incredible with helping me heal and feel like a whole human. It’s therapy.

I love experimenting and playing with different materials and techniques including drawing, mixed media, collage, cyanotype, painting, and printmaking. It’s so fun to try new things and not stay in a creative box!

And on the academic side of things, I have a degree in Philosophy and Studio Art from Alverno College in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

I live with my wife, Kelly and our rescue animals in an old house in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Thank you for being here,