Self-Portrait in India Ink

Self-Portrait in India Ink

Photo by  Emily Walen

Photo by Emily Walen



I'm Emma Freeman, an artist, designer, teacher and highly sensitive human.

I have been making art and living creatively my entire life. I remember coming up with quirky creative decorating ideas for my bedroom as a kid and I would wear these funky, weird outfits to school that nobody else was wearing. But embracing my identity and power as an artist took a long time, until a few years ago when I was in my mid-30’s. Now that I have woken up my true calling, I feel like an enthusiastic little kid about making art. It took the encouragement of people close to me to really fully realize that I am an artist and that I am capable of making whatever I want to. For many years, I told myself I couldn’t do many things and that I was bad at so many things. I think I’m making up for lost time now and channeling my little kid self who just wants to play!

Right now, I’m making a lot of mixed media work with collage, different paints and pens. I also do a lot of drawings, illustrations, block printing, and little fabric projects like earrings and magnets. I’m always experimenting and exploring usually with rich, saturated colors and bold patterns.

I have a degree in Philosophy and Studio Art from Alverno College in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I watch online art classes like many people watch tv. I love learning new techniques and seeing how other artists work and always notice something new that I want to try.

I live with my wife, Kelly and our rescue animals in an old house in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Thank you for being here!