A Custom Cyanotype Print

A customer contacted me and wanted to make a special gift for her friend who's mom had just died. She collected a few plants from the funeral and sent them to me to make a cyanotype with. I created a few different ones in my backyard and sent them to her to choose from. Once she chose the one she liked best for her friend, I matted it and sent it to her to choose a frame for. 

Cyanotype Dinner Napkins

A custom set of cyanotype dinner napkins for a birthday gift. I made 8 of them, 4 with a variety of feathers and 4 with seeded eucalyptus. I printed all of them in my backyard with the sun and then used a serger to finish the edges with white thread.  

Custom Cyanotype Prayer Flag

A pottery studio contacted me to create a cyanotype prayer flag for an opening party they were having. They wanted to sew the squares together themselves, so I made 8 raw cyanotype squares with a variety of plants and feathers and sent them off for them to finish the collaboration.