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My life has been and continues to be full of teachers and lessons that help me tap into my truest self so I can share my gifts with the world. Through teaching, I hope to support others on their journey to discover and share their truest selves with the world.

My approach to teaching art is full of curiosity, encouragement, play, and positivity. I believe there are many ways to make art and that the most important (and most difficult) element is learning to trust ourselves and listen to our spirits, our truest parts, and create from that place. I think many of us get stuck in thinking there are right and wrong ways to do things and, while I do believe in developing technical skills, I think there is an infinite range of creativity that can move through us. The creative process is exactly that, a process, that can teach us so much about ourselves. Like yoga, I believe in embracing art making as a practice. There are beautiful lessons that can be learned along the way, you just have to be open to receiving them.

Past classes I have taught include:

  • Drawing Nature (adults)

  • Art & Nature (kids & adults)

  • Introduction to Cyanotype (kids & adults)

  • Nature Printing (kids & adults)

  • Meditative Drawing (adults)

  • Block Printing (adults)

  • Ice Dyeing (teens & adults)

  • Fabric Covered Earrings (adults)

  • Upcycled Jewelry (adults)

  • Upcycled Bags (teens)

  • Chinese Brush Painting (teens & adults)

  • Beaded Jewelry (adults)

  • Where the Wild Things Are Mask Making (pre-k & kindergarteners)

  • Drawing Animals (kids)

  • Mural Painting (teens)

  • Bleeding Tissue Paper Art (kids)

  • Printmaking with Food (kids & adults)

  • Metal Embossed Mandala Quilt Mural (kids)

  • Jackson Pollack Inspired Splatter Murals (kids)

  • Found Object Sculptures (kids)

  • Collage Making (adults)

  • Collage Cityscapes (kids)

  • Public Art Shadow Paintings (kids)

  • Make Your Own Holiday Cards (adults)

  • Botanical Notecards (adults)

  • 3-D Name Sculptures (kids & teens)

  • Found Object Mobiles (kids)

I have taught classes at the Minneapolis Institute of Art, Artistry (Bloomington Center for the Arts), Urban Arts Academy, Minnetonka Community Education, and Cottage Grove Community Education.

You can learn about upcoming classes here!